Rengytech offers a comprehensive range of engineering and consultancy services, including Energy, Water, Civil Engineering, MEP, ESG and HS, and BIM and PMC. Our solutions are designed to improve performance, reduce environmental impact, and foster growth for our clients.


Rengytech offers a wide range of energy services, focused on promoting sustainability and efficiency. Our expertise includes:

Renewable energy integration: solar, wind, and other clean technologies

Energy efficiency consulting: building energy audits, retrofit solutions, and performance optimization

Energy management systems: monitoring, analysis, and control for improved energy usage


Our water management services address various aspects of sustainable water use, conservation, and treatment, such as:

Water supply and distribution: planning, design, and optimization

Wastewater management: treatment technologies, reuse strategies, and pollution control

Stormwater management: runoff reduction, flood control, and low-impact development

Civil Engineering

Rengytech’s civil engineering expertise encompasses a wide range of infrastructure projects, including:

Transportation systems: roads, bridges, airports, and public transit planning and design

Urban development: master planning, zoning, and land use analysis

Structural engineering: design and analysis of buildings, dams, and other structures


Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing

Our MEP services aim to create sustainable, energy-efficient, and comfortable built environments. Key offerings include:

HVAC design: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems

Electrical systems: power distribution, lighting design, and energy management

Plumbing systems: water supply, drainage, and sanitation infrastructure

ESG and HS

Environmental, Social and Governance, and Health and Safety

Rengytech provides comprehensive ESG and HS services to ensure responsible business practices and regulatory compliance:

Environmental impact assessments: evaluating potential environmental effects of projects and operations

Social responsibility consulting: stakeholder engagement, community impact analysis, and social performance metrics

Governance advisory: corporate governance best practices and risk management

Occupational health and safety management: hazard identification, risk assessments, and training programs


Building Information Modeling and Project Management and Consultancy

We offer end-to-end project support through our BIM and PMC services, which include:

BIM implementation: 3D modeling, 4D scheduling, 5D cost estimation, and 6D facility management

Project planning and design: feasibility studies, concept development, and detailed design documentation

Construction management: procurement, quality control, and site supervision

Project monitoring and evaluation: progress tracking, performance analysis, and lessons learned


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